Partner Program

The nationwide love of wine is undeniable! Consider that over 120 million Americans are drinking wine weekly and sales of wine bottles over $50 is growing; homeowners and home buyers are looking to include wine storage as part of their residence.

Our Partner Program is designed to give professionals peace of mind when your client is interested in a wine storage solution. We eliminate questions, challenges and issues by offering a broad range of products, 25 years of design expertise and being right there when you need us most.

How Our Program is Relevant to Your Business

Contractors & Home Improvement Specialists

Contractors and Builders

We provide you with the solutions to position yourself as a wine storage specialist

Architects & Interior Designers

Architects and Designers

We provide the design tools and resources to deliver your client's creative vision

Kitchen & Bath Design Specialists

Kitchen and Bath Design Specialist

We have an integrated catalog that allows you to seamlessly add wine storage to your designs

Closet & Garage Conversion Specialists

Closet and Garage Conversion Specialist

Our modular catalog will allow you to include wine storage in just about any space

Program Benefits Include

Partners Discount

Start off at 15% off retail
17% once you exceed $50,000
20% after $100,000

Certified Partners Discount*

Start off at 20% off retail
22% after $50,000
25% after $100,000

*Certified Partners have completed our Partner Training program and produce their own designs has a blog where we share design and project ideas as well as news about our company and our Partners. We love to show off your completed projects via our website and social media.

Website averages over 10,000 visits per month
3/4 of website visitors are new
Over 60% of traffic is from Organic Search

Our wine storage component catalog is currently available for use in the following software and the models can be imported into many other 3D modeling programs

Chief Architect

Some great spaces for wine storage beyond the wine cellar include:

a kitchen nook or cabinet
a closet
under a staircase
a basement or garage

Simply fill out our short online form and we'll get you set up as soon as possible! Some additional online video training is required if you want to take the extra step to become a Certified Partner

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